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Student waitlist & tracking

This system has been designed for academic counsling and financial aid departments to be able to manage the hundreds of students they see every month. A student signs in (either self service or by a staff) and then they are put in the waitlist where an staff member will call their name in order to assist them. This system has a public view that shows first name and last initial so that students can see where they are in the list and about how much longer they should expect to wait. For busy times this is great for students as they know they can hit the restroom or grab a snack while they wait.

Another benefit of the system is being able to look at history to help determine what the staffing needs may be required for a particular day. The system reports are also used to show to administration that they are able to help a number of students and for what reasons. They can also use the system to be able to revisit the same counselor or visit a different one if the first was not as helpful for them.