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Hosted Payment Gateway PHP Wrapper

For a project at Washtenaw Community College I was tasked to integrate a new non-credit class shopping cart with our enterprise payment solution. At the time we started working on the project they canceled support for their API and we were forced to use their hosted payment gateway. This gateway has a number of usability issues including that to just pay there were 5 pages. Also by using it we would have to write a number of scripts to hold seats and release them after a period of time.

After analyzing the hosted payment gateway I was able to write a PHP script that utilizes CURL to submit the credit card and payment details collected on our shopping cart and make the series of posts to the gateway and check for errors. If errors where found it translated them and errored out the shopping cart payment form. Also by doing this we were able to rollback the registration transaction with our enterprise registration system. This means we didn't need to worry about holding seats and cleaning up if someone bailed. #win