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Class search engine

The class schedule at WCC had been running for 10+ years and had been limping along with thousands of lines of code that had been hacked together. With the web coming a long way since the schedules inception it was time to start over. When starting the new version we had to put ourselves in the students shoes. We needed to use the feedback we have received over the years as well as interview students to see what the current day needs were. From there we created a prototype system that was student centered for finding classes. We wanted students to be able to change the search parameters to show more or less classes that meet their criteria. With that we also needed it to be fast. So we ended up with a eCommerce results filter model. We chose to only show the most important information when deciding which sections a student wants and then with just one click the ability to expand the section for more details. This new system has been a hit with students and administration.